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Necropsy Into The Kitchen

Ass Flavour

Don't have a place
For me open anymore
Corpse into morgue
Artfull cadavers
Hard to open bellow
Potion of toiled blood
Inside body we're cold
Prepare to server

Doesn´t have a nice day
To satisfy my carnage
My student rage

So i, ma thief of many bodies
Then left for my kitchen
Severed and fissured
Bodies in their sinking
Blood fall
No guts corpses headless
Within this blade
Makes time to drip
And bleed
Within these times
To the oppening the abcess
Within these men
Deathfull atraction

Keeper of freezing
-Like ice
Dismembered legs
A new scheme
A whore bellye shut
Being marked open
With a kinife
Fleshfull worms devour
A pungent smell
About body
We fucked her cadaver
on kitchen table
In this blade-make
A delicious flesh cut
Making into delicious - Bloody torso
My kitchen is a filled
Of bone and pieces of flesh
Pull inside the skull
A brain - Rotten by drug
To pull severing
The carnal skin
Sawing to the head - Blood was removed
Excreting inative flavours
Gastro tripe
Cavernous incidet - Feaces of a dead
Face disfigured
All are victims a death road
To me
Now a sea of the - Blasted bodies
You will after death
Into morgue
I'm that legist when
Left your body to Kitchen
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