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Ass Flavour

Another stab
Another stab to the wound
Insanely gory tool steads
To the face and aims rectum
Pregnant i want kill
So repugnant i couldn't stop hate
When pray
Waiting human plague
Sanguinary view or passion
I'll eat that baby
Pregnant killed
Insolent women here
At the park
Splashing another flavour
A rot tissue

Tumor in the conjuctive tissue
Throughout a consuption
By sanguine and lymphatic tissue
Terrible flagele
At umbeallychal chord
Damaging leucocites and hemacies
Feotu's mutation contraction
Dead in placent place
Can be felt

Suffering into her face
Got by my butchery
Groan ceased
Savoring into the face
I hear sound when
I punch dead on bellye
Inside out i pull it
To the fever of god
To the happy of the devil
Now is going to be
Put in trash
Insanely aborted
Tortured in the kill
Of butchery followed
Twisted tissues

Holder of knife
Has gory cut
To beneath at her ass
Visceral laceration
Desperate and thrills
Crawling now a woudless
A bloody tyrany
Retailed excretd feotus
In peaces
The act the maniac's
Lost and killed
Aborted dead living
Suffer form me the devil
Wanted abortion followed your tissues
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