1. 1

    Assmasters - Assholes

  2. 2

    Assmasters - Do That Shit

  3. 3

    Assmasters - Não Virei As Costas



'Hey .. thats my asshole your touching' 'Shut up bitch' Yo all you assholes out there You got a reputation Let them feel your ass At your permission Dont let them use a pencil Let them use their hand Let them use a fruit Shut the **** up man ASSHOLES..... Yeah ASSHOLES... Yeah Let them slash and bash Another hole in your ass Thats not the end They gotta touch your ass Dont let them through Dont let them pass Im gonna mention ass For the the 8th time Give me a reason Not to make a rhyme ASSHOLES........ Yeah ASSHOLES......Yeah Im gonna slash and bash Another hole in your ass Because we are Masters of the Ass

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