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Burn the bridge

Atlantida Rock

I think that life will be at my side
belleving that my time will arrive
i've got to have my chance
and i'll be fighting here

barries on my way to climb
don't look back
truth is my guide
no eyes betrays me again

keeping your eyes just on the prize
making ahead the only way
fear cannot stops stronger hearts
no scape no turn away

you're never gonna get away
burn the bridge, i scream
fear, despair, makes me fight

my life passes before my eyes
draining my sanity
and the game has just began
in this scene

please show me a better way
for my soul to fly home free
flying home free

living this life with open eyes
i still believe that i can dream
keeping your eyes in your desires
can you believe that you can dream

right before my eyes
brigh, strike, no lie-never surrender
fight for your faith
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