Keep The Fire Burning


Try to run, try to hide
I'm alone in the dangerous zone
I know it's hard, it's a fight
Time to leave yesterday behind

Memorize the word of God
I know it's the best way out
Through the shadows, into the light
I'll see the truth of my enemy's lies

We meet temptations
Don't fool yourself
We meet temptations
On and on and on and on again

Keep the fire burning
Always on the edge
Help me not to fall
Keep the fire burning
Race against our time

What is wrong? What is right?
Give me strength, I can't sleep at night
Pressure strikes harder, I go insane
Feel like I'm losing the game

What are the reasons, don't have a clue
Troubles coming, one day I'll be through
So many things, I don't understand
Keep me calm, Lord take my hand
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