Audrey De Montigny

A wind of change has come my way
I can't hold on to yesterday
I guess it doesn't mean a thing
But time, it changes everything

I feel you're miles and miles away
And I can't waste another day
Cause nothing feels the way it did before

I guess deep down I need a little more...
Days will shine on me
Nights will shelter me
Still will I think of you
(I think of you)
Skies will cover me
Will I suddenly find
That I'm missing you
(I'm missing you)

Life can make you fade away
When you don't leave and you can't stay
And now I long for everything
I guess it might not mean a thing

Maybe I'll look back one day
Regret the price I had to pay
For having left all that I had before

I guess that i deserved a little more
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