Toast to Love


But my life was wrapped up in the streets
Then you pulled me in with your honesty, yeah
And you planted your seed
My baby, uhu, never thought that love could be so kind
Then you stole my heart and you changed my mind
You were like sick of fly
I got so much I wanna say
So let me say it this way, my baby, yeah

Never thought we’ll be the ones
Ever have love to come our way
I would treat like a shine in the day, it’s over here
Got a feeling celebrate

Let’s toast to love, hey
Let’s toast to love, hey

Never want this feeling to.
Cause your beauty opens up my eyes
And it changes everything from wrong to right
I’m flying high as a kite, my baby, yeah, yeah
The state of mind that I’m in
Got me gone with the wind
Cause this thing that we share
We’re more than friends
When I say it’s not a game
Expectation’s easy to me
You put my mind
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