The Best Is Yet To Come


Ten percent what happens
And ninety how I react
They say don't sweat the small stuff
I guess I must have missed that class

I've never seen a hearse
Pulling a u-haul

God it's good to be alive
Between the earth, the sea and sky
Revolving like a record around the sun
Roll the windows down and see
If a lyric comes to me
From a major key to minor after dark
It's all been said and done
But the best is yet to come

Why the lovlies on the outside
Often aren't the same within
They see me swarving as I broadside
Now my single serving friends aren't here

I've never seen a hearse
Pulling a u-haul


I sent away for
An anti-jaded lotion
Now I'd surely pay for innocence if there a pill

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