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Grow with the Flow


Where am I
Another world, another time, another dimension
Through time I passing by, inside the Depths
Surround by the dark, a light is growing in me
Inside of me, inside of me
A voice surrounds my dreams and all the time I've lost forever
But once again a silent form grow upon the shore
Deeper though unknown
To hope light years of drowning
In the cosmos of lonely
I was lost from your world
Into the mazes of delusion
Into the vast halls of the night
Did you see me enter?
In your fragile dreams
Violent visions in a broken mind
Under the rain of falling Knifes
I saw myself in there
They be tortured me my own life, I cannot understand the reason why
For how long can I go on with this pain inside and these pictures of a burning past
Blow away the forms, all lies and misery all these pictures of a burning hell
Fantasy becomes reality once more and the shadows grow in the other side
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