1. 1

    Azn Dreamers - Angel From Above

  2. 2

    Azn Dreamers - Azn Girl

  3. 3

    Azn Dreamers - Baby Girl

  4. 4

    Azn Dreamers - Change The World

  5. 5

    Azn Dreamers - Don't Walk Away

  6. 6

    Azn Dreamers - Fixing A Broken Heart

  7. 7

    Azn Dreamers - Flying

  8. 8

    Azn Dreamers - Forever Be True

  9. 9

    Azn Dreamers - Forever In Love With You

  10. 10

    Azn Dreamers - Heaven By Your Side

  11. 11

    Azn Dreamers - How Do You Tell The One You Love Goodbye

  12. 12

    Azn Dreamers - I Need You

  13. 13

    Azn Dreamers - I'll Be Holding On (Remix)

  14. 14

    Azn Dreamers - I'll do Anything

  15. 15

    Azn Dreamers - I'll Take The Tears

  16. 16

    Azn Dreamers - If You Were My Girl

  17. 17

    Azn Dreamers - Ill Be Holding On

  18. 18

    Azn Dreamers - Keep The Flame Alive

  19. 19

    Azn Dreamers - Like A Rose

  20. 20

    Azn Dreamers - Miss You Like Crazy

  21. 21

    Azn Dreamers - My Everything

  22. 22

    Azn Dreamers - Secret Love

  23. 23

    Azn Dreamers - Smile For Me

  24. 24

    Azn Dreamers - Tomorrow

  25. 25

    Azn Dreamers - Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

  26. 26

    Azn Dreamers - Walking In The Rain

  27. 27

    Azn Dreamers - Watching The One I Love, Love Someone Else

  28. 28

    Azn Dreamers - Who's Gonna Stop The Rain

  29. 29

    Azn Dreamers - You Are My Angel From Above

Ill Be Holding On

Azn Dreamers

You said good-bye Can't even find a reason why I know that I've been a fool But I never thought I'd blame it on you Cause you are my love You are the only girl I'm dreamin' of But I'll say I'll never let go Just believe in me I want you to know Baby *Chorus* I'll be holding on I'll be holding on Forever till you come home I will be holding on You know it's true I'll be waiting here for you Believe wherever you'll go There's a place for you and me And I want you to know Baby *Chorus* Gonna make it Gonna show you That I mean it From bottom of my heart From the bottom of my heart Yeah yeah Let me tell you How I see it Cause I know that We can make another start Baby that's right I will be here for you (holding on) I'll be holding on (holding on) I'll be holding on Forever till you come home I will be holding on oh yeah I'll be holding on (I'll be holding on yeah) I'll be holding on Forever till you come home I will be holding on (I will be holding on) I will be holding on

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