1. 1

    B4-4 - Ball And Chain

  2. 2

    B4-4 - Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying

  3. 3

    B4-4 - Endlessly

  4. 4

    B4-4 - Endlessly

  5. 5

    B4-4 - Everyday

  6. 6

    B4-4 - Feel Free ( To Say No)

  7. 7

    B4-4 - Get Down

  8. 8

    B4-4 - Go

  9. 9

    B4-4 - Go Go

  10. 10

    B4-4 - How Did We End Up Here

  11. 11

    B4-4 - Playa(You're My Ecstacy)

  12. 12

    B4-4 - Really Gotta Want It

  13. 13

    B4-4 - Savin' For A Rainy Day

  14. 14

    B4-4 - Smile

  15. 15

    B4-4 - That's How I Know

  16. 16

    B4-4 - You've Got A Friend

Ball And Chain


Chorus : I just wanna be your ball and chain Wrapped around your finger Locked up, tied me down Follow you forever Never let you get away, Holding on like a ball and chain I never wanted to stay In one place too long Oh no, not me, I didn't wanna be A victim of that fatal touch When you want someone too much but You, you'll be the end of me And I don't want to hurt anymore Chorus -repeat- I tried my best to avoid Making promises Oh, no, not me, I didn't wanna Be a prisoner of that tender trap When there's no turning back but You, you got me on my knees And I won't be afraid anymore Chorus -repeat- (rap) I know it's been some time confined to be alone but I know I found the one who's gots be this loves jones you know that I get open when you rubbing my back the goosebumps and chills must be proof of that 'cause I'm feeling when your dealing all the knowledge you've got about making it good when you touching my spots I won't be afraid anymore The side of you be wanting me just haunting my fight boy be my ball and chain yo it's gotta be right Chorus -repeat-

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