Leave Me Alone


*Solo: A.M.

Beauty with romantics traces
But she manipulates all with a purpose
She wants to laugh thinking that is me
Who wants love and beauty
Can´t see my knowledge of yesterday
Sight of hope that will turn to pain
And hate search the way to understand
I´ll watch you when I take your hand
I´ll tell you what happens:
There is no love in you

Not long ago I though to have seen the souls
That I´m searching but there were only of today´s.
My eyes ere misled by ignorance
And I though to have arrived where there´s dream
I don´t want to condemn you to perpetual fire
And neither see your movements of love
Beauty is power and Satan wants power
I´ll tell you what happens:
There is no love in you

*Solo: A.M.

Leave me alone
In this place of control
And tranquillity

Hope, love and hate is all
That I always saw in your way
It won´t happen again
Wherever you are everything will turn negative
And goodness will start to vanish
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