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Letter In My Post Box


Verse 1

I'm so sorry,
That i cannot help you
Well sometimes its hard,
And the chances are rare
If the world could be mine,
I'd have give it all to you


Let it in your heart,
And try to make it without me
As the chances are less,
My heart is crying
I'm so, so in love,
But i'm sorry to say no,
But i thank you for


Letter in my post box,
That you sented to me
For the love in your heart,
That you've writen to me

Verse 2

Words cannot describe,
The feelings in my heart
How can i say no,
To a request you've post
Well its all in my heart,
To let us all apart
To let the queen of mine,
Out of my sight

Vamp 2

The world will hate me,
For the sin i've commit
Its a judgement in my heart to say no,
But i thank you for

Repeat chorus!!

Bridge 1

This letter,
That letter,
Your letter,
That you've writen to me

Bridge 2

The letter in my post box,
The letter that you,ve sent me,
Its all writen all over my face,
Where ever i go

Repeat chorus!!

Verse fade!!

Baby girl when you tald me that you love me,
It was like the whole world was mine,
I just don't know what to do babe
I just gotta say no babe
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