You Know What I'm Saying


yo yo can i kick it
(oh yes u can)
this aint nothin but a muthafucker party
(party up in here)
oh yea lets kick this back and take some time out to relax

here we go
you feelin me
i got the word coming out you heard the gees
tryin play the 275 in da streets
we got wacked out
blacked out
coming to you here our shout
e thugs got the game going
geenuts have the whole thang rollin
we make them go smoove out to be pulled out
u bitches think we got these rules made out (so shut up)
we got the dilly for the south sillys here come and get some
if you want it i'm sure we gonna have fun
so nigga please
let it increase
all the madangry sees
that no one screw us they know what they get from us
so if you bouncing just bow down and pronounce it that the good ladys are here to take this shit
so if you dont get it
maybe its time to lay back and check it
cos we arent having any dumbass losers here to break it
i bet your be praying for this day to be laying out so you can get me
u back da fuck up and know what i'm sayin

all of the playahs in the south u know whats going down
so get ready to back up cos they need a fuck
and all da bulldogs(woof woof) know how to ease it in
bark da roof cos were playin 247 aint stoppin us till this shits all high
south side represent if you know wat i'm sayin

you cant make us
cos we rather be playahs
fucking up your ass like an indago raders
but we just natural to see that this all we can be
the best, the thang and all of the above
cos we lock it down but show tru love
for you to know what this is all about
i figure you should get the whole thing out
holla if you see us in the streets we make the cars beep
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