The Day


What must i say
To get inside your head
Why must you always thinki wanna get in your pants
And why i always gotta be
The closest thing be strong
He need a woman to be strong
Well i ain't cryin', i ain't cryin'
Done 'bout run out of tears
But your're the closest thing to heaven
I need you to be near
Her me darlin', hear me darlin'
I can't make it more clear
The only thing that's gonna get met through
Is if i got you right here

Ooo girl, talk to me
You're the only one that comforts me
My only reality is i want you for my woman
Ooo girl speak to me
Let me hear you sayin' that you'restayin' with me
I know my reality is without you
I ain't nothin' at all

Why does everything i say to you have
To be suspect
Feel like teh only way i'll geht with you
Somthin' blows off my head
Well i ain't tryin' to go out like that
I wanna keep myself clena
Sometime the only thing a brother need
He need the strength from his queen
I ain't lyin', i ain't lyin', done 'bout
Run out of time
The only time i wanna d right now
Is feel you by my side
Hear me darlin', hear me darlin'
I can't be more sincere
The only thing that's gonna get me through
Is if i got you right here


Well is aid everthing's gonna be all right
When you stand by my side
Gonna work things out tonight
We're gonna make out just fine
For once i'd like for you to be
The one who hast the faith in me
And i primise i won't
Let you down this time

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