Spaceman (properly Corrected)

Babylon Zoo

Spacemaaaan. i always wanted you to go into space laaaand.
(intergalactic christ.) x2

Pungent smells thay consummate my home.
Beyond the black horizon.
Trying to take control.
See my girl she shivers in her bones.
The sun and zenith rising.
Trying to take us all.

There's a fire between us.
So where is you god?
There's a fire between us.
I can't get off the carousel x3
I can't get off this world.

The sickening taste.
Homophobic jokes.
Images of fascist folks.
Beam me up cos i can't breathe.

Repeat introduction.

It's time to terminate the great white world.
Morbid fascinations television takes control.
Decimation diffrent races fall.
Electronic information tampers with your soul.

Repeat most of song and "spaceman" until it fades.
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