Anybody Knows

Baken Beans

You say you're not alone,
But when you'll have to go
To a place which everybody knows,
When you are alone, your fear, your have to see,
Another vison, another dream to feel,
But when you try to think
Your mind will stream away

There's a feeling in my head,
A picture makes me mad,
Within a man who walks alone
Down the coloured street,
In my dreams i will see,
In my dreasm i will feel such pain inside,
Oh master, be my guide

You'll try to meet out god,
The man above 'bout we've been taught,
Who's the master of it all,
The cause when we'll fall,
When your're going up to heaven now
Without wings, without other things,
Just imagination is the magic
Thing which makes your blue sky red

Anybody knows....
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