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Ring Of Fire

Baken Beans

She said "i'll be careful",
Then she caressed my dick,
And inserted it into her girl,
It was the first time for me,
But she had been experienced,
So i stepped into the sex world

No more, no more this way...

Rightaway i ejaculated,
I was ashamed 'bout this,
But she said it's not as bad as that,
My erection was intact,
Therefore i didn't stop
And she screamed as if she's going mad

No more, no more this way...

My virginity is gone, but mys perm did come, and i spread it on, on to her boobs,
As my dick seemed to slacken, she just smiled at me and said "hey little lovely boy, i've got something for you,
This will rebuild your potency", then she slipped it on my man and said "this little needful thing's a penisring",
Suddenly my strength returned and made my dick standing straight but, i'll never f**k this way...
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