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Free Willy

Baken Beans

Saturday at 8 AM ,
I wake up from a loud scream,
"Willy, Willy, come out fast,
we must go the green forest".
Goddamn that's my f**king brother,
yes, that's he I've got no other,
every weekend the same sh*t,
I could bury him in a pit,
he must bet hrown into a grave
because I am for him a slave.

This mornig I will hit him,
I wanna kill this dirty a**hole,
I wanna cut his "Little Jim"
and then I will be grave digger,
then he's dead and I am free,
I have to cut no other tree,
he will never makes me worry
by saying that I have to hurry.

I am free in my life,
I wanna do such things other ignore,
I am free in my life,
I see the world with my own eyes.
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