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No Good


I remember the days so young and green
I was looking for romance and someone to laugh with
You were the new girl on the scene
I was a shy boy but you paid attention
It took a while to figure out
That I was your drug and you were addicted
Doin your best to keep me down
But not anymore

How did I let it get this far?
I was in control till you came along
I'm picking up the pieces from the floor

I don't wanna see your face for the rest of my days
Took your poison to the head
19 years old, I feel half dead
Give me a reason not to turn around
Not to leave you here for good
Just know there's nothing you could ever say
Baby, we're done, you're just no good

We got involved so easily
I was a nice boy but you were just crazy
You never let up, stop squeezing me
The honeymoon's over, baby
Just wanted a girl to make me smile
When you start drinking, you get wild
Calling the cops at 4am
Now baby im asking

Don't know how I stuck around this long
Can't take all of these arguments
I'm ragin, ragin
We got some issues and it feels so wrong
Ya baby I just don't know
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