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Amadou Diallo

Bambu Station

Blood stains, of my own blood, on my doorstep
How can a man, expect to live, live right in harmony
When the cross-fire is on him, hunted by authority
You might not overstand I say, the plight of blackman, cliché you say,
Long held out crying for the hope of peace
Insanity is the least of our trouble.

Another story, to be told, with the innocent blood of Amadou Diallo
Destroyed his hopes and shattered his dreams,
Could have been me the victim of this story,

When authority bark, they want us to whimper
When the powerless act, them try to divide and conquer
But hopes and dreams abound, Diallo wasn't just one man
Represented the face of a godly nation
Why so you hate the seeds of God's creation,
This ain't no black song, this ain't no cotton picking song
When will it end, must first i begin, so here i man draw the line
We have got to stand, or we have no chance to fall,
In this war of right over evil, So here i man draw me line,
Let's make sure there's not another sequel, Chorus

Bloodstains of my own blood, on my doorstep
Murder, murder, murder, not one count of murder,
Not one count of manslaughter, not one count
Not even an apology, of incompetent authority
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