The Last Battle

Banda Cartoon

The Last Battle

( Persifal:)
I saw a devil yelling right beside me.
I hear their voices all the time.
I believe the skies are falling
and wonder how I ever got this blind?
I saw my friends dying right in front of me.
I think about it all the time.
All around there're people dying.
With what kind of weapon should I fight?
Everywhere I look all I see is fear.
There's no way to escape or hide.
Maybe if I closed my eyes I could
find a safe place down inside.

And if a blue sky fell upon my skin
giving me a reason to fight?
Would it be enough to destroy all the evil?
Lord knows how much I have tried.
And now a sun starts to shine inside my skin
revealing a world that I've denied.
This is the world we have lost through all these years!
I thought I could see but I was completely blind!

---- Then I was taken to the entrance of a
tunnel that seemed to have no end.
Stepping into it, I began to see all sort
of things, good and evil and all the
temptations that once and always
have tormented my mind.
I saw wonderful women calling me to their
beds, saw my friends suffering and dying
And I wanted to help...
I saw Earth in all it's beauty!
Saw what it was created for and what it had become.
At this time, I wanted to stop and cry,
but something inside just made me go ahead.
Almost at the end of the tunnel,
I saw my mother, who passed away long before.
She seemed to call me to heaven
with some relatives of mine beside her;
and as I refused to go with her, she
transformed into the most terrible devil
that I've ever seen!
Some steps ahead, I met the end of the
tunnel, in somewhere out of space and time.
Then I saw the infinite faces of God!
All my doubts and fears had disappeared;
and as I cried in ecstasy, I discovered:
I no longer belong to this world
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