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Streaks Of Blood


The suffering
And misery that I endure
To harbor thoughts so brizzare
Beyond impure

Mother, I'm here
To do all the
Things that you long
For me to do
I love when we're
In our reside alone
Late at night and
You embrace me

Now you found another
To do all the things that
We used to do at night
In our room
Now I experience sexual
Neglect at 10 years old

Now your life means nothing to me
After all the pain you caused me
Just to see you with another guy
I guess I'm the only one was just a lie
I confront you with sexual
Trunstration built up inside of me
But you deny the pleasure
You'll noy die in vain

The suffering and misery
That I endure to see your
Streaks of blood still run
Down the wall
You can now not leave me
But your death was not in vain
Even though your body's cold
I can still enjoy you in death

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