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In my island


Here on my island
The sea says hello
Dolphins are waving wherever I go
There´s a song on the breeze
And a home in the trees
Friends I can talk with whenever I please
Here on my island
the playgrounds are great
Slide every slide
And you don´t have to wait
There´s so much to be see
From my new trampoline
Finding adventure´s our daily routine
Birds and bananas
And comfy cabanas
And shell-covered vases to fill
Coconut glasses
and mint with molasses
and pineaple patties to grill
Here on my island
There´s nothing but fun
Vines you can swing from
A nap in the sun
There a mud pies to make
There are branches to shake
Treasures await, any road that you take
I´ll take the high path
And I´ll take the low path
And I´ll take the patk through sky
I´ll jump the river
And I´ll climb the mountain
And I´ll stay here guarding the pie

Here on our island the days are a dream
Hanging together, we work as a team
And the magics extends
through our family of friends
Here on our island the fun never ends
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