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Wake up, you got no time to lose
Produce, you have no right to choose
Don't think, accept what they say
Your stress, is growing day by day

Destroy, start to lose control
Concrete, the devil wants your soul
Give up, is what you wanna do
You can't, they will come after you

I don't wanna be a Barney
I'm a technoloman
I don't wanna be a Barney
One more grain in the sand

B-A, the same shit everyday
Defects and throw your dreams away
R-N, no weapons in my hand
Although I struggled 'till the end
E-Y, you're running out of time
Your life, worth nothing but a dime
A brain, relying on a can
BARNEY, a cyborg not a man

I guess I'm not here to cause
or make a confrontation
I'm tryng to understand
the people in this fucking nation
I'm not an average one
Because the system taught me so
And with my own effort
I fought against my foe
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