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    Batman Smells - Just Leave

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    Batman Smells - Original

Just Leave

Batman Smells

Since you've been near me, I've been all at sea, I don't know where to turn, I dont have much to say, It was all so much simpler until you thought you'd stay, Chorus Dont touch what you can't respect, Turn around see that door, Pick Your Life Up Off The floort, Make it all alot easier for the both of us, Just Leave, Just Leave, Just Leave. Yeah so I fell in love with you, But when you started this it was the last thing i could do, I had to fall out I had to fall out, It makes it so hard when you just screem and shout, Go find someone else to play your stupid games, To each other now, we are just names, chorus x2 So go find one of those plenty more fish, If the saying is right you will have no trouble, No trouble finding someone to fall for your ways, But as for me i think we are both seeing better days, I may miss you for now but in end we're better off, chorus-fade out

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