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Walks Like A Woman

Baton Rouge

High-strung girl, gotta sing for your supper
Ten feet tall, best get you down to size
Now I don't know what makes you think you're so special
See, someday soon, you're gonna realize
Sticks and stones can break your bones
But broken hearts can shake your soul

Bad break, no escape
Coulda got away, lord, you know I should've
Oh no, she walks like a woman
Cool eyes, electric thighs
Tried to find her heart but you know I couldn't
Oh no, she walks like a woman
But she acts like a little girl

I know you think that life's for the takin'
Satin sheets caress you in the night
Someday soon, be a big rude awakin'
Now everything can change before your eyes
Tell me will your garden grow
If the sun don't shine and no one's home

I'm getting' real tired of your nursery rhymes
Kinda makes me feel like I'm doin' time
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