Get These Blues Off Me

B.B. King

Baby, please don't be angry with me
Honey, because I'm goin'away
Oh, please don't be angry with me, baby
'cause I'm goin'away
I've told you about your mistakes, baby
But you didn't hear a word, not a word I said

I'm tired, so tired of worrying
Baby, I don't know just what to do
Hey, I'm tired, I'm so tired of worrying now
I don't know just what to do
Oh, I'm sorry for you, baby
But you Know I just, I just can't put up with you

Oh, I've tried to please you, baby
But you know, you just weren't satisfied with me
Oh, I tried, fell hard to please you
But baby, you weren't satisfied with me
I'm gonna let you go now, baby
'cause now you know, you just want to be free
Go ahead now
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