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The Space Around My Heart

Beau Bristow

It seems there's something missing
Or was it ever there to start
There's a void, and I can't put my finger on it,
But I know it's somewhere near my heart

I guess I'm just like Adam
Who gave up something in his sleep
But it all happened for a purpose
Cause Adam woke up to find Eve, so I believe (that)

Somewhere there's more to me
Someone I've been looking for
Someday, I'm gonna' find her,
I'm gonna' find that missing piece, and she's gonna' fill
The space around my heart

Sometimes I'm lonely, sometimes I just can't sleep
In the dark my heart gets cold
I've tried and tried to hold the warmth of others in that place
But something's never right, so I keep letting go and holding on (that)

Some nights when she's on my mind I feel her,
She's somewhere thinking of me the same,
For that moment we're not alone, and so I know (that)

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