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He Watches Over You

Bebe Winans

The One who placed the moon and stars
To shine up in the sky
Who holds the worlds together
From His kingdom way on high

He's as much for this to follow
Over everytime on earth
He knows the dreams you're dreaming
From the moment of your birth

Wherever you go
Whatever you do
He watches over you
He is the One who hears your prayers
Deep in your night
He's always there
Wherever you walk
You're never alone
His eyes are on your journey
Till you make it home
And you can know He watches over you

You hear Him when the evening breathes
That whispers of His name
You see Him when the sunrise paints
A morning sky in flames

He's there within the silence
And the stillness of your mind
You know Him through a cross of love
That stretches over time

[Repeat Chorus]

Nothing in this life can separate you from His love
Even when the night surrounds you
He will side His side on you

[Repeat Chorus]
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