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She Keeps On Coming

Bee Gees

Front and center
I don't know how it happened then
I can't explain it
what she was thinking of and
when mother nature
she put us both together
and the way she touch me
and I ran that red light

so I said I love her
she tell me I don't matter
I try to kiss her
but every dream is shattered
no early warning
except the morning after
look in the mirror like a rabbit in the headlights

she keeps on coming back for more [3x]
champagne and roses
breakfast in bed
wrapped in each other
and out my head
she keeps on coming back for more [2x]

she ain't no Cleopatra
I ain't no Julius Caesar
I ain't no Casanova
she ain't no Monalisa
she charm a nation
she send you out to die
and we were flying when she ran that red light
i ain't no Valentino
she ain't no Greta Garbo
no Aphrodite
I'll never be Apollo
but when we come together
there's no one else can follow
there's no tomorrow when we run that red light

she keeps on coming back for more [2x]
she keeps on knocking at the door
durnk on desire
erotic delights
sooner or later, she'll kiss you good night
she keeps on coming back for more [2x]

die in the arms of a lover
hold tight
I close my eyes and she's gone
(dream time, she's mine
always here
small town, daytime
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