Against Myself


Hi, I'm here again mistake by mistake
against myself and my body hurts
my way of life and there is nothing to change
or to say but I'd love your picture
If you could be in front of me
Please can you give my personality back?
'cause you're all that live
in a situation that I can't get
Your life is crashing over my simple way to describe
What I can feel, the way I feel.
And slowly it's passing and I forget it
How was I with my thoughts.
How I could now get back my life
without roaring yourself.
We both stand, in a situation that we can't get.
For me there is something new: this situation had devastated my mind.
Let my body learn to know,
let my body learn to talk
let my body bring you safe.
Let my body grown
But there is something new,
I would change my life with you
There is something new
This situation had devastated my mind
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