Before I Die

Hey everything seems strange, that feeling is so fucking good, so grate, so cozy,
Is as if having some connection with something or someone,
I don´t know what is happening,is so fucking good to be here, feel this security,
Something begins to beat within my body, wow it´s heartbets, i beginning to take form, i see my hands, feet,
Finally came my turn, i will know this place we always heard, say it is
Sad, full of suffering, but also there are happy moments, beautiful places to know, say that i suffer for love, but i also love me madly,
But there is something wrong, as if it is losing this connection, i feel so sad, i want both this, but ...
Why you hate me so much? i do not feel more beloved, i have fear, i really will know this place, which i heard both, i want play with daddy and mommy, what would i do wrong?
Wow, suddenly this place is just as cruel as i heard, but i'm still here why do i fear?
Everything seems so dark now, it hurts, oh, how much suffering, is suddenly the world is not as good as a place, or i'm not good enough to know him, why mom? why daddy? i think i deserve a chance, everything is getting cool, dark ...
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