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Ecclesia Diabolica Catholica


Eritis sicut dii
Thus sermonized the serpent ov Eden
Thus struck the breath ov the Earth
And thus flooded the blood ov the soil
Slither into the gaping void!

I worship Thee, O vicious man!
Now mark my words ye mortal race
Feed my wrath with lion's gore
Feed my envy with the fat ov lambs
As the wicked ways will flourish
Behold the monuments ov God decay

Lex Divinus, I stamp to dust
I despoil the holy books
I desecrate the angelic verses
Like dead leaves wither they to ash
As I am leading the hosts ov stars
Onwards, embrace the Sur

In absentia Dei we sermonize
In ecclesia Satani
Thy might is right!

I have watched the birth ov planets
I have witnessed the death ov worlds
I've conducted the choir ov stars
I have ridden the tail ov the comet
As I've transformed
From God to ash
From dust to Man

In absentia Dei we evangelize
In absentia Christi
We spread like swarming plagues
In ecclesia Satani
Thy might is right!
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