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Why Must You Always Dress In Black

Ben Harper

You may be a cheap date
But my therapy's expensive as hell
Then you pay a psychic healer who let's you know
Things aren't working out so well
Tommorow's shining off our face
Yesterday's shadow's at our back

Why must you always dress in black?

People don't take advice
They only give it
And the only way you're ever gonna learn
Is to live it
So what you spent your younger years
Parlaying on the wrong side of the track

Why must you always dress in black?

If you have to lie
Do it quickly and as thoroughly as you can
As you can
This morning i woke up slow
Feeling like a shell of a man
Don't blame me for us you cried
Oh, cut me some slack
Cut me some slack

And tell me
Why, why must you always dress in black?

She wore high heels
The ones that can pierce your heart.
Pierce you heart
Just 'cause you go down in history
Doesn't mean your really all that smart.
Like Robert E. Lee at your best
when under attack
Under attack

Why must you always dress in black?

You call in sick on Monday
Tuesday you show up late
Wednesday you left early
Thursday you fight with a boss you hate
Friday you up and quit
Saturday you want your old job back
Sunday morning you wake up
All dressed in black

Why must you always dress in black?

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