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Another Day

Beneath The Sky

I can't be without you,
Though I'm learning that I have to,
And it hurts my heart.
I stare at our picture.
There's no warmth in this frame.
I missed your call another day,
And though the years will pass you so quickly,
I hope you know that I'll be here,
If ever you need me, but...
Its all my fault for bringing on this pain.
I locked my vaults and threw away the keys.
So kill it out of me, so quickly I need you to know,
I didn't plan for this and while you grow,
I want to be there for it.
Please promise me I'll get the chance another day.
Well I've been without you,
And each night it keeps me up wide awake,
A different place I'm only doing what I know how to do.
To best provide for you.
Though I can't spend my time with you
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