Love Of My Own

Eric Benet

mmm, love of my own

somewhere in my memorie an image fades from the years
but still I see my love and me together
her face washed away by the salt of my tears
but I can feel so vivid still the love I felt for her

someone's lying by me but I'm all alone
seems you'll have to say goodbye
somewhere there's a heartbeat of the love of my own
everday my heart beats with a pray to find her

take time to play around, same game it's up and down
can't wait till I finnaly found
the love of my own
take time to play the feeld, take a chance, spin the wheel
till I find something real
the love of my own

flashback through the memories because the picture's so clear
the love high, it's so devine, there's nothing better
heaven is so far away, but she'll bring it right here
and I believe that she can see my face in her fantasies

no one here beside me, she had to go
so I'll start my search again
someday love will find me, when I don't know
every dayin her arms, in her arms is where I'll be


(repeat chorus till end)
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