This Is It

Benjamin Diamond

You wake up
Have a cup
It's OK,
Sun is high
Shinny day, everyday,
You did the best that you can

You dress up
And look up,
You smoke up
You dig on what you've got

Take some
Time to think up
Don't look back,
Windy days far away
You're back on tracks
So don't turn off the lights,
You've been just turned on...

Oh, this is it now,
You're a man,
And think about what you
Have done...

Heavy head
Everyday, not easy,
No envy, time to loose
Single room
I want you back in my life

baby cry
Coffee's hot
I see you close to the edge

Have a look on your mind,
And think about it
What you've done
Is amazing

You just need a bit more light
To shine on
And to feel alive
I used to see you lost in the dark
I used to see you walking alone
Let me show you the lines...

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