44 Cal. Killa


Haven't you ever heard (Trackmasters) a killa


44 Caliber killa

Face, Young McNeil

44 Caliber killa

I keep the heat close by come through on any block start dumping Zino don't
stop stop frontin 44 reasons to hit you with a gurvin while your fam's sleepin
(nice man) why your man's bleedin (have his ass leakin)gotta face the reaper
prepare for the worst the only thing certain right now you leavin in a hearse
no negotiating time's up rhyme's up I'm gon split ya 44'll hit ya I'm the 44
Caliber killa

Every day you run inside niggas better hide from the 44 Caliber killa hell tie
you up quick get your throat slit he's the 44 Caliber killa he comin through
your hood kickin down your door he's the 44 Caliber killa killin pain from the
lane came infrared you've been shot by the 44 Caliber killa

I keep the 4-4 cocked for fools the Son of Sam the serial killa (lock your
doors)I got a bottle nigga cock and shoot I do this for respect homey and not
for loot I got you stuck in the game and you can't win it cause I'm a Made Man
known to hang men Scarface back at ya with the hard shit and bullshittin me get
you brought in so back the fuck up with that tough talk homey I know ya'll
nigga and ya'll don't want me I'm a gangsta in his true form let it be heard I
got niggas from the wild wild to the 73rd all I gotta do is give em the word
and your ass is in a meat wagon with your forehead saggin I'm tellin ya'll
these streets is cold eat your ass up piece by piece shit you out whole the
return of the invincible nigga it's the 44 Caliber killa


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