White Walls

Between The Buried And Me

The monsters are made
And we have proven that we will be one of them
The whores take the stage, flash our skills
Gotta draw 'em in, gotta keep 'em on their toes
Don't show them how you truly are, who would want honesty?
Who would want a group of people that one can relate with
We need worship, we need devotion
Becoming gods from the image that is thrown
Thrown out in their everyday lives to comfort
It's not a musical journey anymore
They chose Camilla and we stood by her the entire time
Monotonous expression, a forced replica of a tired sound
Puppets for a greed-driven carnival
The same charade as the passing years
Force me out there. Don't give them a chance
They want to be fed, fed a simple replication of past greatness
(Things have changed, we have changed)
(Personal happiness is what we strive to achieve)
(So you can love or hate, it won't change a thing for us)

Step back, evaluate, recognize

We just need to throw some new ideas in
(It) will eventually get out of this closed off circle we are part of
It's all the same
This is all we have when we die
It's what's left of us when we die
We will be remembered for this

White wall
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