Big Iron

I'm feeling beautiful tonight
No thought of what i'm doing to what i'm saying tonight
Don't fuck with me now, i'm available and wild eyed
And i'm flyin' yeah i'm flyin'
Crawling on my hands and knees creeping, screamin'
Move me it's the all around you sensation creeping crawling on my head
There is something to this-the movement all around you there is something to this
Wrong ----this twisted time-
Spent bathed in a green light
Across the room her washed out eyes reflect guilt me
Eating me up, leading to love- this wasn't supposed to happen
This never should have happened
Wrong ----all i feel
In heart, in mind- i will feel
In heart, in mind- alive
In heart in mind- i will feel
In heart in mind, owing to desire

Shallow-there's no danger or fear of getting lost to this
A moment of stimulation- then it's gone, no hesitation
Then it's wrong-i'm a man
It's what we're all about
Look around all i see
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