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New Day

Big Mountain

See there
Open seas - every direction
I am riding the winds of vision
New day
Better the past - better the future
I am going to build a house for the seeker

New day, its a brand new day
It is a new day
New day, its a brand new day
It is a new day

See there
Watch it rise from the depths of the oceanv A brand new cause
A place with reason
Fortune, take my part in the occupation
Write my verse in the constitution

I recall memories of betrayal
Not so long ago
Done my time gonna let my spirit shine
Make it clear to see no need to pity me

Please don't ask me to testify
I am not ready to tell you lies
I got to build up my new creation
So that my movements are justified
There is a vision that is in my mind
I got to reach it within my time
Find a way to fulfill my mission
I have traditions to keep alive

See there
Justify my pursuit of fortune
Push aside any accusations
New day
Time to stake out my place in history
I'm gonna write up a broken treaty

Chorus - repeat and fade
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