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Nigga Shit

Big Pun

Big Punisher:
This is for my peoples on the street, y'know?
Gave me love since day on
Y'knahmean? When I was puttin it down
Battlin for mine, y'knahmsayin?
Battlin, projects and neighborhoods
Just to be heard, y'knahmsayin?
Y'know cause y'know I used to do everything y'know?
From that hardcore shit
To that commercial shit
To that party shit
That thug shit
That live shit, that cry shit
That love shit, that hate shit
I do all that shit
You know what's my true love?

(That nigga shit) smokin weed with my moms
(That nigga shit) slingin d and her-on
(That nigga shit) no love for the cops
(That nigga shit) gettin my dick sucked for my pops
(That nigga shit) gettin drunk with my twinz
(That nigga shit) swearin to God I'll never drink again
(That nigga shit) gettin drunk again
(That nigga shit) three days in the pen
(That nigga shit) talkin loud at the flicks
(That nigga shit) fried rice and rib tips
(That nigga shit) lookin fresh with no ends
(That nigga shit) beatin on my sister's boyfriends
(That nigga shit) yellow tape and white sheets
(That nigga shit) whoopin my kid's ass in the streets
(That nigga shit) iverson crossover
(That nigga shit) cheese doodles, grape soda
(That nigga shit) playin the last card on the train
(That nigga shit) hot sauce on everythang
(That nigga shit) nugget gold in the 80's
(That nigga shit) iced out in the 90's
(That nigga shit) shoot the place if you play me
(That nigga shit) pun to run til they find me

And I'm out what, what what wha-what
And I'm out what, what what wha-what
And I'm out, and I'm out
Puerto rock nigga shit yo I'm out
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