Friend Lover Woman Wife

Bill Lloyd

She's a friend she's a lover she's a woman she's a wife
She's the answer prayer every lonely man dreams of
She's a temptress she's a lady she's the mother of my baby
And I thank God I'm a lucky man she's loved

Sometimes I lie awake and watch her sleeping
And I just wanna bust and love drops fill my eyes
I wonder what she'd think if she woke up and caught me weeping
Cause daddys and heroes ain't supposed to cry
You know the morning always seems to catch us laughing
We got baby in bed between us safe and warm
And I thank the Lord above for all the good times that I have
Wrapped up in my woman's lovin' arms
She's a friend she's a lover...
[ guitar ]
When the load gets heavy on my shoulders
I can't keep the pace and need a place to hide
I run home to my only little world take her in my arms and hold her
And I soon forget there's another world outside
She's a friend she's a lover...
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