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Must Be Doin' Somethin' Right

Billy Currington

A woman is a mystery
A man just can't understand
Sometimes all it takes to please her
Is the touch of your hand
And other times you gotta take it slow
And hold her all night long
Heaven knows there's so many ways
A man can go wrong

Must be doin' somethin' right
I just heard you sigh
lean into my kiss and close
Those deep blue 'need you' eyes
Don't know what I did
To earn a love like this, but
Baby, I
Must be doin' somethin' right

Anywhere you wanna go
Baby, show me the way
I'm open to suggestions
Mmm, whatever you say
Tonight's about givin' you what you want
Whatever it takes
Girl, I hope I'm on the right road
Judgin' by the smile on your face

(Chorus Out)
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