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[Verse 1:]:
I lie here to be discovered
You step so close-I'm not there
My empty shell changes matrix
Waiting for me to come back

[1st Bridge:]
Falling faster
Than the speed of life
See the valley floor
I've got to jump to explore-I have no number,

[1st Chorus:]
Howling with fear

[Verse 2:]
I lie here undiscovered
You step so close I'm not there
My fingers curl like a snake
around your foot
You're going down

[2nd Bridge:]
Then jugulation
you are no hunter
The vulture's circle of death-is above our heads

[2nd Chorus:]
I'm howling at the horror of life
Is there a hiding place?

Middle 8
I've got nothing left to live for
But I cannot die
Unseen powers help me
When I try to fall I fly
The eastern skies are now aflame-my domination ends

[3rd Verse:]
One single thought
has brought you here
My heat-seeking
Kilo-hex it will devour you
a monstrous body
burned to the embers
your soul
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