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    Birdbrain - High

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    Birdbrain - Let's Talk About Me

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    Birdbrain - Youth Of America

She was trying to hide away
Hoping nobody will find her there
People making so much noise
There was nothing left to hurry now
Oh well
Found her floating in her room
All the colors that surrounded her
Tell me how i complain
When she looked so peaceful in the air
I left her there
She was high
Everything's fine in her mind
She can leave behind all the anger and just fly
Nothing but time
No one unkind
Bringing unhappiness into her happy world
We would talk for hours on end
She was magical inside her head
Visions no one else believed
They were meant
For only her and me
Now i can see
She was high...
And now i believe her
And i won't disturb the silence of her world
It was sad to see her go
There will never be another one
Neas as wonderful as her
Though i'm glad to see she 's finally won
It's all been done
She was high..

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