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Imma Zos

Black Dada

This ya boy black a.k.a da da {da da, da da }
Got another another one, for my island {oh woa check it}
Tatted on my chest now...

Tatted on my chest
Yes i'm a zoe
I never had a problem getting hoes{dough}
Making this musics all i know
So hold on tight cause i'm a blow
In donk's chevy (we ride)
At the club (we live)
On 6"s & 7"s (we ride)
At any show (we live)...

Said tatted on my chest, yes i'm a zoe
When haters talk mess i lose control.
Using my fist, that's all i know.
With my own two feet go blow for blow.
What you gotta problem, know you now i'm live.
Never had a problem to go inside.
Fucking with me is suicide.
Step into the jungle, well you won't survive
Perment wet on the chevy paint.
Turn in your face, dog my shit will stink
Hypotize rims make you go insane
Just like a bobblehead, bobbling brain.
Riding swerve from lane to lane.
I'm a let the whole world know my name.
On my shit cause i'm a pro.
Tatted on my chest cause i'm a zoe...


If u see me in the streets, you know i'm cool.
If u see me in the club, i act a fool
With a gang of killers, that's just my crew.
Don't mean to be rude that's how i do. (yeah)
Cup held high with a mug so mean.
Tilt to the side cause i'm sipping that lean.
My swagg so loose, gotta be the goose.
Flashing lights ike a photo shoot.
Now i'm a do me, you do you.
My wrist so cold, don't catch a flu.
On my flag got red and blue.
Yes i said it red and blue.
If you talking don't waste my time.
Worry bout yours don't worry bout mine.
Dropping hits it's in my soul.
Tatted on my chest cause i'm a zoe.
{check it woa}


Said it's tatted on my chest respect my mind.
I spit creole anytime.
In the booth they know i rhyme.
So with the hood you know i shine.
Sak pase to all my zoes.
What it do to the people i know.
To all my stippers on the pole.
And all my niggas blowing dro.{dro}
Let me put u on some game.
Hoes ain't never called no lame.
We seen the worst and felt the pain.
Cloudy weather filled with rain.
United we stand, divided we fall.
They can't break me not at all.
Stack my chips never go broke.
Tatted on my chest cause i'm a zoe!

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