Black Train Jack

Pressure pressure pressure coming down and i don't know how
I've got to find a way to deal i got no time so i mean right now
I can't stand the pressure got to find the source and kncok it down
I take a look in that direction i'm the only one still around

I'm killing myself i find
Destruction of my own mind
I need time
Wounds are healed by time
And this is for sure the worst kind
Situations won't fall in line
I need time

Tick tick tock hear the clock tick tock
The end
As i sit around and wonder did i ever have a single friend
All the friends i thought i had didn't stick around till the end
Some have changed so much i figure what the hell is up with them

I want it, i need it
I've got to have it, i need more time
I crave it, we all want it
I just ran out of time
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