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The Unfailing Can't Work This Time


Now and then i wonder which would be my fate if i stayed here.
With chains wrapped around my chest i would sink faster.

You can't get it! no, i'm not searching for meaning anymore.
You can't get it! no, i'm not going to question my low score.
'cause we had many chances to do it right and we did not.
We had many chances to do it right!

I was wrong just once when blinded by that out of reach charm.
Definitely sure when i missed a single shot and went back.
You can't steal my heart, baby.
Even though a body always led you to anywhere you intended to be.
It won't work on me. it won't work on me!

The moves, the phrases, the taste...
The shine in eyes is not so unknown.
And you've never been able to act the way they showed to say.

I don't mean to face what was taken for granted.
I'm just not gonna be the one defenseless around you.
(don't get fooled!) true admiration and idolatry you need to feel will never be real.
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