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New Priorities


The bravest left us here to die. And I’m walking around this town.
Without finding anyone who has ever shared a dream with me.
Even though we have planned to live this life free from being cowards.
Free from the threat of stopping halfway.
The plan has changed for you and you’re laughing out loud at my expectations.

You’re laughing out loud!

And it’s just a simple matter of killing our innocence.
Which is your great reason? Fear or convenience?
If you’re afraid of walking through these crooked lines.
You are all free to leave me behind.
I’m used to temporary presences.
And I know that you are looking for an easy answer.
This won't be the last time.

I won’t force you to live for something you don't love.
I know the plan has changed.
No matter the circumstances, I'm standing where I am.

I’d rather take the risk of standing where I am.
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