Midnight Bloody Skies


In thousands, arsenic demons of pain
A battle array -- aflame
Reloading weapons of charmed pins
And infernal flames

Through an ajor Heaven's gate
Warlike-serpents came in
Wasteful armies from Hell up in arms

The thirteenth sign of spectral zodiac
Beats its wings to win
Apocalypse's razors of precious gold
For all bestial Satan's war-waves

Midnight Bloody Skies

Thus shadows are calling us
On this night of long knives
And charmed pins
The everlasting sundown is coming
And my spirit forever
In darkness will walk

Forever in darkness will walk

Temptation -- when the skies turned red
A lonely soul with poisoned blood for Eden
Guided by the moon's arrows
To mortify all that's holy...

Midnight Bloody Skies
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