Road Kill


[Intro:] "Anna paints a picture of a dream she (or a friend) once had of this punk visiting her town."

I was trying to drive with my knees
while my sister and brother in Law were fucking in the back seat
Cocked the rear view down to see
masturbating with my right hand
shooting roadsigns with my left hand
you were all over the road swerving to hit
the roadkill running away from that big
white sattelite car I threw flowers
on the roadkill you left and wondered
what had pissed you off so bad
Cock in one hand gun in the other
100 and 10 degrees outside
Leaving skid marks all across both lanes
all turned up on and you were her brother
rows of corn passing by on both sides
you didn't see me close behind
I'd wait till you'd stop to piss
to find out what was on your mind
Can you Cum and Shoot your Gun?
Can you drive straight when you Cum?
and are you justa justa......bout to Cum?
......and then the crash

[Outro: Variouse Babbel]
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