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A Thousand Deaths

Blazing Dog

Two hearts burning in pain
Crossing the trail of fear
The cold night freezes their bodies
But their souls in flames will keep them warm

Blind at night – Hope to light
The search for stolen blood
Their life and their past
Trapped in the empire of the iron cross

Sirens and lights, barks of dogs
The time has come for the infernal show
The guns and cries make the song
Why now, why here, why our sons (the cursed ones)?

Lives tortured by ambitions of a madden demon
A race united by hate
And a evil dream

Two hearts burning in pain
Petrified by terror
Eternal screams in the night
Stay forever in their minds

Cries at night – No hope to life
In the camps of fear
Wash your sins in the darkness
And breath the forgiveness of God

A thousand deaths
(Why our sons)
A thousand deaths
(The cursed ones)

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